cv Andre MŪrnieks

Massey University
Block 1 Te Whare Pukākā
Mount Cook, Wellington
6021 New Zealand
001 614 747 5558

01 higher education

2005 Master of Fine Arts in Design, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Department of Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication Design

1996 Fachhochschule Wiesbaden, Germany Kommunikationdesign and Innenarchitekture, one semester study abroad

1996 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Department of Industrial Design, specializing in visual communication design

02 academic & Professional Design Positions

2017–now Senior Lecturer of Visual Communication Design, Massey University, Wellington, NZ, School of Design\Ngā Pae Māhutonga, College of Creative Arts\Toi Rauwharangi

2010–2017 Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, Department of Art, Art History & Design

2009–2010 Visiting Assistant Professor of Digital Design, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

2006–2009 Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
The Department of Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication Design

2004–2005 Graduate Research Associate, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
The Office of Technology Enhanced Learning and Research

2002–2005 Graduate Teaching Associate, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
The Department of Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication Design

2002–now Interactive Designer, acm interactive
Principle of independent design consultancy

2000–2002 Art Director, Blue Diesel, a division of Gerbig, Snell & Weisheimer
Interactive division of advertising agency specializing in health care related industries

1997–2000 New Media Designer, Retail Planning Associates (now FITCH then consumed by WPP)
Retail interior design firm with clients worldwide

1994–1996 System Specialist, University Technology Services, The Ohio State University
Unit within organization responsible for academic software for labs campus wide

1993–1994 Recording Technician 2, Academic Technology Services, The Ohio State University
Audio and video recording, production, and distribution of course related media

03 scholarships & Fellowships

1996 Awarded additional funds for extended study abroad

1996 Chairperson discretionary scholarship winter and spring

1991–1996 Scarlet and Gray Scholarship, Ohio Instructional Grant, Pell Grant

04 Distinctions, Honors & Awards

2016-2017 Invited to serve as a judge for the second annual 2016-17 Notre Dame App Challenge by John Affleck-Graves, Executive Vice President, Notre Dame. The apps are judged on three criteria respresenting the university's overall mission: heal, unify, and enlighten.

2015 Appointed member of Beacon Health System's Exceptional Experience Council. The Council is made up of Beacon Associates and members of the community.

2014 EVA London 2014 presentation Connecting With Users Though Interactive Prototyping: Understanding User Behavior Through Building The Black Box And Its Electronic Innards awarded third prize in the demonstration category

2010Participated in group exhibition at Andrews University with the Notre Dame design faculty contributing a ten-year retrospective of web design work. Berrien Springs, MI

2002–2005 Offered graduate teaching associate’s position for third year and taught 9 consecutive quarters

2004 Nominated for the Graduate Associate Teaching Award


2002–now Interactive Designer, acm interactive
Projects of note:

2017 Book designer, contributor and co-editor of conference proceedings for MODE 2017. Routledge (a Taylor & Francis group) publisher. (see more)

2016 Book designer, contributor and co-editor of conference proceedings for MODE 2015. Routledge (a Taylor & Francis group) publisher. (see more)

2016 UI/UX Director, early detection autism diagnostic tool. Directed classroom web-based research project in collaboration with Dr. Christian Poellabauer of computer science at Notre Dame and with contributions from Dr. Susan Latham, autism spectrum specialist at St. Mary's College. (see more)

2015 UI/UX Director, nurse's patient tracking and discharge mobile app. Directed classroom web-based research project in collaboration with Memorial Hospital's Chief Marketing, Innovation and Customer Experience Officer, Lori Turner. (see more)

2014Art Director / Motion Designer, motion piece, music and brochure for The Beacon Way
Established a new client relationship with Beacon Health System (and Memorial Hospital) producing a motion piece showcasing an evolution in strategy and identity. Parts are being used for regional television commercials. In addition, Beacon Health is sponsoring in the amount of $2500.00 a project in VCD3 Web Design to investigate patient experience specifically related to discharge process. The initial outcomes of the class endeavors is expected to evolve into a professional level project piloting the ideas. (see more)

2014 UI/UX Director, patient's self-service tracking and discharge mobile app. Directed classroom web-based research project in collaboration with Memorial Hospital's Chief Marketing, Innovation and Customer Experience Officer, Lori Turner. (see more)

2014 UI/UX Director, concussion evaluation mobile app for athletic trainers called Contect. Directed classroom web-based research project in collaboration with Innovation Park incubation client, Shane McQuillan, President of Contect. (see more)

2013 Motion Designer / Interaction Designer, interactive installation workshop called HIGH Z
Collaborating with physicists A. Phillips and K. Davis, playwrights N. Phillips and Y. Prizant on an experimental narrative called HIGH Z detailing the discovery of the accelerating, expanding universe using motion, information design in a planetarium environment. Co-authored and awarded (pending requested edits) an ISLA Large Grant for Research and Creative Work for $14,995. (see more)

2013 UI/UX Director, food safety probe employee experience. Directed classroom mobile-based research project in collaboration with SmartTemps' executive team including CEO Richard Florea and COO Mike McKay. (see more)

2013 Designer, identity, web site and promotional material. Pro bono design, production and implementation of visual assets for the non-profit organization, Michiana Concert Band. (see more)

2012 UI/UX Director, trucking industry turnover tracking visualizer. Directed classroom tablet-based research project in collaboration with Innovation Park incubation client, Stay Metric's, executive team including Tim Hindes and Kurt LaDow. (see more)

2012 Information Architect / Designer / Production, mobile tablet app called Flow of History
Starting with a novel idea of flowcharting history, a complete new interface and structure was put in place to appeal to the high school student and act as a companion to traditional history textbooks. (see more)

2012 UI/UX Director, interactive and analytical app for the Shakespeare play, The Tempest. Directed classroom tablet-based research project in collaboration with Luminary Digital Media development team including founder and co-director Elliot Visconci. (see more)

2012–2013Interface Designer, web based statistical software called EngineRoom by MoreSteam
With the goal of simplifying statistical software, a drag-and-drop architecture for exploring data relationships was designed to make the process intuitive but also to live Online as a web-based application using modern Internet standards. (see more)

2011 UI/UX Director, feasibility prototype for plastic's vacuum forming control surface. Directed classroom mobile-based research project in collaboration with Rex Lim, president of Paramount Plastics. (see more)

2011 Art Director, site for social good concerning free trade for Ann-Marie Conrado
Working closely here at Notre Dame with a colleague and Professor, a site for social good was produced to showcase the free-trade products that are being created by skilled and entrepreneurial people in Nepal. (see more)

2011 UI/UX Director, predictive health tracking tool based on 20 million health records. Directed classroom mobile-based research project, Healthville, in collaboration with Innovation Park's Mentor/Director of Client Services, Joe Queenan. (see more)

2011 Designer / Co-creator, collaborative viewing and sharing on-line tool called Peer Sight
An evolution to my graduate thesis project work, Peer Sight is an Online collaborative tool for viewing shared visuals and information. It remains a pet project and a business model that my partner and I continued work on. I am hoping the technology will on day catch up to our vision for a true sharing environment. (see more)

2010 Visual Communication Design / Production, printed travel books for AAA
Three full-color travel guides were reconfigured for a new size layout. Copy, imagery, ads and basic design were updated or replaced. A system of styles was implemented to ease the publishing of the next issues. (see more)

2008 Information Designer, web site for National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
Along with a bold new design, the site was redesigned for an Online tool for renewing a license. The site content was also reorganized and categorized for easier access and less clutter. (see more)

2007 Interface Designer / Motion Designer, auto insurance web site prototypes, Nationwide
A large insurance company needed to carefully enter the space of Online auto insurance quoting. The series of the web-based prototypes were created for the purpose of multiple user testing sessions to learn what worked with the end-user and what did not. The resulting prototypes were used as a model for production. (see more)

2007 Information Architect / Designer / Production, legal administration web site for Administar
To comprehend the complexities of bankruptcy and class action lawsuit administration, the main site was redesigned so that consumers could easily understand the products and services offered, while the expert user was funneled into the appropriate area for legal search and discovery. (see more)

2007Information Architect / Designer, government site for State Medical Board of Ohio
The site was failing in its two main purposes: license doctors and process patient complaints. The new site was re-architected for ease-of-use and for the current staff to easily update. (see more)

2006 Information Designer / Motion Designer, trade show media for Intrep
The client wanted to make a big splash at a AAA trade show event. A partnership of two designed and produced everything printed and electronic for the exhibit. (see more)

2005Information Architect, interface on mobile phone for Motorola
Following the merger of Sprint and Nextel, Motorola needed to show it could combine the two technologies on one mobile phone. I joined a team to tackle one of the modules within the interface, improve the architecture and document the 0new system. (see more)

2005 Information Architect / Designer, Production, consumer web site for Nationwide Health
Following a branding standard introduced by the company to replace all web sites, I was contracted to lead the team to organize and design the new look Nationwide health services. (see more)

2004 Interface Designer / web site for design program at Ohio State
Using a plan for a completely re-architected site and a new identity program, a new user experience was designed for the department’s site that featured three academic programs. (see more)

2003Interface Designer / Motion Designer / Production, web site for design and art program at CCAD
Animated sequences, bold color and graphics, and up-to-date information about upcoming events were designed to attract the primary user for the site: potential students and parents. (see more)

2002 Art Director / Designer / Motion Designer, web site for manufacturer Univenture
A leading manufacturer of compact disc packaging products needed a better way to sell product Online The site was radically redesigned to better show the product and its uses making the buying process much easier. Sales greatly increased. (see more)

2000–2002 Art Director, Blue Diesel, a division of Gerbig, Snell & Weisheimer
Projects of note:

2002Art Director, efficacy animation for osteoporosis drug for Eli Lilly
To fully understand how osteoporosis affects bone reformation, the animation project took on greater complexity leading the viewer through the microscopic biological process guided by the direct collaboration with Lilly PhD’s in medical research. (see more)

2002 Art Director / Designer, corporate presentation system for Ashland
In order to communicate the services offered by the various smaller divisions of the company, a flexible and economical system of visual standards was created as a basis for showcasing internal developments. (see more)

2001 Art Director / Motion Designer, retail branch animation for Bank One (now Chase)
Moving visuals in the retail space are intended to reduced perceived wait time while educating customers about banking services. The content developed stressed functional information over entertaining visuals. (see more)

2001 Art Director / Designer, dynamic, localized health care presentation for CIGNA Healthcare
Because to of the complexity of health care networks and the differences among the states, a custom web-based tool was produced so that company representatives could present up-to-date information and visualizations. (see more)

1997–2000 New Media Designer, Retail Planning Associates (FITCH then consumed by WPP)
Projects of note:

2000 Motion / Interactive Designer, interactive, in-store touchscreen kiosk for Bell Mobility
Helping the consumer with all the technology and media available in this telecommunications store, several kiosks were positioned throughout the retail environment with custom content based on lifestyle need. The screens offered detailed information on all products in both French and English. (see more)

2000Motion / Interactive Designer, custom, interactive sales presentation for RPA
Rather than a typical slide presentation, a comprehensive interactive and animated application was developed for the account executives to easily tailor a custom experience for the client while preserving the best clarity of communication by limiting what a presenter could change. (see more)

1999Motion Designer / New Media Designer, multi-screen, synchronized presentation for Diebold
Supplementing the banking technologies showroom, a mini-theater was set aside to engage the potential client on five screens spanning the field of vision with animation and imagery synced to narration. A control interface was implemented for the sixth pedestal screen. (see more)

1999 Motion Designer / New Media Designer, video wall for adidas Crew Gear in Crew Stadium
Energizing the retail space and attracting fans into the small stadium shop, a motion piece was produced using rapid cuts of type, graphics and team imagery effectively drawing attention to this designed boutique. (see more)

1998 Interactive / New Media Designer, synchronized interactive touchscreen showcase for RPA
To ease clients into the notion of interactive technologies in the retail space, an area was set aside to demonstrate past projects on multiple touch screens. The viewer is in immersed in time-lapse photography and sounds of nature before the synchronized displays react to the viewer’s touch. (see more)

1998Motion / Interactive Designer, MSN interactive in-store kiosk for Microsoft
In order to promote MSN Internet services, Microsoft teamed with Circuit City to feature its services directly on sales floor computers. The challenge was to create compelling presentation on the small screen while also encouraging the customer interact to learn more. (see more)

1997Interactive Designer, interactive retail program for Kodak’s worldwide operations
A comprehensive retail interior design program was completed for Kodak, and rather than traditional print, the design specifications were delivered for the first time in a compact interactive CD-ROM format. (see more)

06 Refereed Publications

2016-2017Chapter entitled “Navigating VOX/UI: The Integration of Motion in a Voice-Controlled Information System” in progress for Kinetic Emergence, a forthcoming book on motion design from Common Ground Publishing. Available spring 2017.

2016 MODE 2015 Edited Conference Proceedings co-editor, contributor and book designer for a collection of solicited essays sharing professional and pedagogical insights on the emerging sub-discipline of motion design. Published by Routledge Press (division of Taylor & Francis)

2016 Foundations for Interaction Design: The Interactive Widget presented at Nuts+Bolts AIGA design education conference. Published (pending) at June 2016.

2014 Connecting With Users Though Interactive Prototyping: Understanding User Behavior Through Building The Black Box And Its Electronic Innards presented at EVA London 2014 and published at June 2014.

2014 Presented a published paper titled Complex Network Visualizations As A Means Of Generative Research In Design at Connecting Dots: AIGA design education conference on research. University of Cincinnati DAAP, Paper selected for publication at March 2014.

2013Presented Telling A Design Story at Head, Heart, Hand, national AIGA conference in Minneapolis. Motion design is featured as a means to explain a difficult or complex design topic. Paper selected for publication at October 2013.

2002–2005 Graduate thesis: Mediating an Experience: An Approach to Designing a Compelling Synchronous, Distant, Virtual Communication Environment. Advisor: Professor R. Brian Stone June 2005.

07 Unrefereed Publications

2012 How to Fix the Machinery of Health Care in Rwanda, paper presented at the AIGA Design Educators Conference: Geographics: Design, Education and the Transnational Terrain in December 2012 at The East-West Center and the University of Hawai’i at Manoa Honolulu, Hawai’i

08 Other Publications

2009 R. Brian Stone, Teaching Type in Motion to Amplify Meaning, Communication, and Emotion. Conference proceedings (contribution)

2008 Michael Dooley and Steven Heller, Teaching Motion Design: Course Offerings and Class Projects from the Leading Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. Acknowledged for contributions to a chapter by R. Brian Stone

2006 Stephen Acker, et. al., Portfolio at Ohio State, Local outcomes and recommendations for future steps (contribution)

2002–2005 Graduate thesis: Mediating an Experience: An Approach to Designing a Compelling Synchronous, Distant, Virtual Communication Environment. Advisor: Professor R. Brian Stone

09 Invited lectures and Addresses

2014 Invited as speaker by Lori Turner, Chief Marketing, Innovation and Customer Experience Officer, to conduct a presentation and workshop for Beacon Health System leaders, managers, marketers and communicators (~30 in attendance) entitled Communicating the Complex followed by a cognitive mapping exercise concerning the patient discharge process. Innovation Café on the campus of Memorial Hospital, March 2014.

2014 Invited as a speaker for the Mobile Conference by organizing committee member Mark Dehmlow to give a brief demonstration on mobile usage. November 2014.

2013 Oracle In A Box v2.0 debuted at the art exhibit for the SLSA Conference 2013 themed Post Natural. Awarded ISLA creative grant in the amount of $2,153.44. The form factor of the piece is made possible by the input and assistance of research associate Michael Elwell and the facilities of the West Lake Design Studio. ISIS gallery, Notre Dame.

2013 Presented “lightening talk” at the regional AT&T Hack-a-thon on the importance of the narrative in human-centered design process. Advised as expert, or “sensei,“ to assist participants in areas of design, concept and usability. Innovation Park, Notre Dame.

2013 Presentation entitled The Future is Medialess™ how it has affected literary production and reception as part of a series of Mellon-ISLA Interdisciplinary Workshops on the topic of New Media: From the Middle Ages to the Digital Age. Notre Dame.

2012Served as the external juror for the Fall 2012 BFA Exhibition of the Department of Visual Communication and Design (VCD) at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW). Adjudicated thesis projects by 20 graduating students. Fort Wayne, IN.

2011Invited by McGraw-Hill Education to deliver a talk entitled Designing a Better Interactive Experience relating the content to education and electronic publishing. Polaris corporate office, Columbus, Ohio

2010 Panel member for graduate student discussion to share their insights on topics germane to expertise. Ohio State.

2009 Guest critique invited to make a presentation with colleagues and share teaching techniques related to motion design and offer input on student work. Carnegie Mellon,

2006 Speaker and panelist, World Usability Day at the Ohio State University: Making Life Easy - Simplifying Complexity. Presented on the topic: Teaching team building skills to address challenges associated with interactive design projects. Ohio State.

10 Grants and Sponsored Programs

2016 Named co-principle investigator for a $2 million National Science Foundation grant with N. Chawla director of The Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science & Applications (iCeNSA) proposing in-home mobile health care assistive devices to aid the elderly with post operative recuperation. Research grant proposal entitled, eSeniorCare: Smart and Connected Health Technology to Empower Seniors for Successful Aging.

2014-2015 Events, Operations and Logistics Chair and Conference Proceedings Co-Editor for the 2nd International MODE: Motion Design Education Summit taking place in June 3–5 in Dublin, Ireland utilizing several venues: Notre Dame’s international gateway O’Connell House, Royal Irish Academy, Trinity College’s Science Gallery and Paccar Theater, and the Royal Hibernian Academy Gallery. Keynotes are confirmed from MK12 (Kansas City), Moving Brands (London), Digital Kitchen (Chicago), Microsoft (Seattle), and Art of the Title (Toronto). 26 of 64 paper proposals originating from 15 countries were reviewed and accepted by double-blind peer review panel. MODE is funded in part by ISLA ($33,279) and sponsorship from host institutions, Focal Press and Digtial Kitchen ($8500).

2014-2015 Completed the planned phase one research of a motion and information planetarium-based narrative called called HIGH Z with physicists A. Phillips and K. Davis, playwright N. Phillips detailing the discovery of the accelerating, expanding universe. Co-authored and awarded a phase two ISLA Large Grant for Research and Creative Work for $13,885.

2013 Organizing committee chair for inaugural {MoDe} Motion Design Education Summit in collaboration with G. Rinnert, Kent State and B. Stone, Ohio State. International attendance including Turkey, England and Canada. Dr. Jim Collins keynote speaker. Awarded large Henkels grant in the amount of $15,020 and CCC support of $750.

2013 Collaborating with physicists A. Phillips and K. Davis, playwrights N. Phillips and Y. Prizant on phase one of an experimental narrative called HIGH Z detailing the discovery of the accelerating, expanding universe using motion, information design in a planetarium environment. Co-authored and awarded an ISLA Large Grant for Research and Creative Work for $14,995.

2013 SmartTemps, industry sponsoring client for Visual Communication Design 3 (web design) with a gift to visual communication design of $600.00 to support the program. SmartTemps, Mishawaka IN.

2012 Press release imminent featuring the collaboration between Notre Dame design students and class sponsor Stay Metrics. Client and Innovation Park have funded the visual communication design program directly $1200 and loaned four iPads to the program for the semester (press release).

2011Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA) awarded supplemental Small Research and Creative Work grant in the amount of $1,176.00 to extend the total monies awarded in the 2011 CCC grant.

2011 Center for Creative Computing (CCC) research grant awarded for $3,000 from the CCC in joint partnership with the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA) and a $1,000 supplemental award from the CCC to achieve the maximum award of $4,000. Notre Dame.

2010 Awarded Faculty Development Fund ($400) for research development in the classroom. University of Cincinnati.

2008 Assisted R. Brian Stone with the development and production of a funded classroom project to create an identity and web presence for Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) and its programs. Ohio State.

11 Master’s Theses Directed

2016–2018 Graduate thesis chair for M. Moore, MFA candidate in Visual Communication Design

2015–2017 Graduate thesis chair for E. Colon, MFA candidate in Visual Communication Design

2014–2016 Graduate thesis chair for Y. Zhang, MFA in Visual Communication Design, The Risky Rainbow of Artificial Food Dyes: A Visual Communication Campaign Designed to Raise Concerns about Potential Dangers of Petroleum-Based, Synthetic Food Dyes and Offer Healthier Choices to Consumers. Published at CurateND

2013–2015 Graduate thesis committee member for S. Martin, MFA in Visual Communication Design, winner of the Walter Beardsley Award

2013–2015 Graduate thesis committee member for M. Swoboda, MFA in Visual Communication Design

2012–2014 Graduate thesis committee member for J. Ollinger, MFA in Ceramics

2012–2014 Graduate thesis committee member for K. Melchiorri, MFA in Industrial Design

2012–2013 Graduate thesis committee member for S. Pennington, MA in Industrial Design

2006–2010 Informal advisor to graduate students at both The Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati

12 BFA THESES Directed

2016–2017 BFA thesis advisor: B. Dombo, R. Grinbergs, H. Nguyen, M. Wern, M.  Healey (co-advisor)

2014–2015 BFA thesis co-advisor: COLLECT: web app documenting personal memories
Observing the degradation of her own mother's memory, S. Coughlin endeavors to create a very personal archive an individual’s life. COLLECT is designed to be a place of self reflection and evidenced personal growth rather than a widely shared collection of random photos and thoughts—though connecting to others through events is possible. For an individual suffering from Alzheimer or other memory loss condition, COLLECT can act as aid to trigger recollection. Coughlin researched memory, wrote, architected, wire-framed and designed the UI/UX. She sought out and collaborated with computer science and engineering student Maribeth Rauh to build the prototype. The exhibition garnered compliments on the inclusion of type, graphics, motion, interactive and subtle awareness of the viewer. Samantha is the recipient of the Emile Jaques Silver Medal of Fine Arts.

2013–2014BFA thesis advisor: The Wheat: a 3D animated short based on an 18th century fable
J. Slaven seeks to find a niche in the area of storytelling and visual spectacle through computer animation. His end result is an animated adaption of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Buckwheat (1839). The short story is a parable that cautions the reader to resist false pride. Slaven first adapted the story to a screenplay relocating the setting in time and space to modern day Kansas. Buckwheat became wheat, flowers became sunflowers and the willow reprises its role as narrator (played by D. Doordan). Slaven wrote, directed, and produced a compelling visual adaptation of an obscure Andersen tale (no such effort is known to exist). Slaven is the recipient of a CUSE creative research grant to assist with project materials, specifically texts on animation and high-end visualization software and awarded the Emile Jaques Silver Medal of Fine Arts.

2013–2014BFA thesis advisor: Locus: app and graphics program connecting local, small businesses
As a lifelong citizen of South Bend and frequenter of many downtown small businesses, entertainment venues, and organizations, E. Murphy endeavored to create a system to share the singularities of downtown with others in the community, visiting or relocating to the area. Targeting only unique, locally owed and operated business, Murphy discovered if customers had a connection with proprietors and staff, a richer experience would result. The Locus concept promotes local community, commerce and cooperation through a mobile app and environmental graphics to guide a user through the downtown space. Murphy was voted recipient of the 2013 Wrappe Award.

2013–2014BFA thesis advisor: Mezzo: an educational manipulative using music to learn fractions
J. McLean conceived Mezzo as a possible educational module to address another discovery in the literature: without a proper grasp of fractions, all higher math levels become more difficult to learn. In the spirit of STEAM, the highly functioning prototype relates the concept of fractions to music and uses multiple modalities (sight, sound and touch) to embrace diverse learning styles. The prototype is complete with a possible curricular application in which the user takes on the roll of a middle school student to solve a math problem manipulating a graphic and musical interface. McLean received a CUSE creative research grant to assist with travel to New York to study agile design principles and practices directly.

2012–2013 BFA thesis advisor: The Purrrfect Match: an animated, interactive e-book by A. Young
A parody of the pursuit of the fairy tale notion of the perfect match. Young researched, wrote, illustrated and animated an interactive story for the mobile platform. The tongue-in-cheek story chronicles the life of Marie who makes thirteen attempts at the ideal relationship and adds a cat to her collection with every failed attempt in search of happily ever after.

2012–2013 BFA thesis advisor: AlphaTalk, interactive teaching tool for dyslexics by J. O‘Neill
An interactive and tactile product for children learning to read. O‘Neill developed a product form based around a portable display screen surface that can sense and react to 3D letterforms based on the typeface Dyslexia. The basics of reading are taught through exercises and learning games that are aided by direct physical contact. O‘Neill built a appearance model and proposed a possible exercise based on phonemes using a motion piece.

2011–2012 BFA thesis advisor: Stray: anti-bullying children’s Xbox game by A. Carter
Coordinating with a team of two engineers (one from Duke University) and a music composition major, Carter researched and built a game narrative, characters, environments, and engaging spatial and logical challenges for 7–11 year old children. As a means to curb bullying, the game encouraged players to empathize with the protagonist, a sheep named Tony, as he endeavored to regain his flock through cooperation. Carter’s team exhibited several playable levels at the Snite Museum working on the Xbox platform.

2011BFA thesis co-advisor: End The Cruelty: outreach program to end puppy mills by K. Blazic
Using design, community and even politics, K. Blazic hoped to bring more than just awareness to the animal cruelty in puppy mills. Through traditional and interactive media, she strove to give the community a way to fight it including ways in which to contact state leaders. Her research included a test of the designed materials through organizing a public event in Pennsylvania.

13 Professional Memberships

2011–now Interaction Design Association (IxDA Chicago)
Regional interaction design group focusing on design methodology and research

2010–now American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA Chicago)
Oldest and largest professional membership organization for design

2011–now iOS Developer University Program. Program designed for higher education institutions looking to introduce iOS development into their curriculum. Member, Apple, Inc.

2011–2013 Information Design Faculty Discussion Group. Provost’s Initiative on Building Intellectual Communities. Keith Davis, Notre Dame

2002—2005 Association of Computing Machinery (ACM, past member; currently member)
World’s largest educational and scientific computing society

14 Other Notable Contributions

2016 Co-organizer with S. Martin to present the 19th Annual Alumni Design Conference and studio portolio review. Secured keynote speaker Kourtney McKay (’99)

2017 Coordinator and organizer of the inaugural Senior Design Show and Professional Night at Doblin in Chicago, a pop-up exhibition of design work from graduating seniors. Supported by a College of Arts and Letters Learning Beyond the Classroom Grant and the Alumni Design Fund.

2017 Co-organizer with M. Elwell and M. Bourgeois to present the 18th Annual Alumni Design Conference and studio portolio review.

2017 Graduate advisor: H. Freeman, S. Shrestha, H. Tucker

2016Coordinator and organizer of the inaugural Senior Design Show and Professional Night at TEAMS Design in Chicago, a pop-up exhibition of design work from graduating seniors. Supported by a College of Arts and Letters Learning Beyond the Classroom Grant and the Alumni Design Fund.

2016 Co-organizer with M. Elwell and M. Bourgeois to present the 18th Annual Alumni Design Conference and studio portolio review.

2016 Graduate advisor: J. Trupiano, R. Forsyth

2016 Invited to peer review proposals for the AIGA Design Educators Conference: Nuts+Bolts by Liese Zahabi, Chair: Presenters/Readers Committee and Assistant Professor of Graphic/Interaction Design, Department of Art, University of Maryland, College Park. March 2016.

2015 Graduate advisor: M. Moore, Y. Zhang, L. Stratton, K. Strom, E. Colon

2014 Invited to peer review proposals for the national AIGA conference, New Ventures: Intersections in Design Education by P. Nini, professor, The Ohio State University for his panel session entitled Intersections in Interdisciplinary Collaboration. April 2014.

2012–now Represent design program and Art, Art History & Design at Arts & Letters' new biannual College Fair for incoming students, and also the annual university Major's Fair.

2014 Invited by Undergraduate Studies Chair, M. Nguyen to jury BA show.

2014 Panel member for dean’s assessment of CAPP program with stakeholders from business, computer science, and center for research computing resulting in the formation of the new Computer and Digital Technologies (CDT) supplemental major.

2011–now Design Area Coordinator: manage design curriculum and scheduling, organize graduate seminar.

2014 Graduate advisor: B. Sunderlin, A. Evans, Y. Zhang, E. Martin

2012–now The OIT iPad pilot program maintains a stock of 150 iPads for semester loan to applicable design courses and English courses (E. Visconsi). Like a required textbook, students of web design and motion design will lease the iPad 4 for the semester for $70.

2013Formation of Visual Interface Design concentration for IT management collaborating with Associate Professor R. Easley from the Business School's IT Management department. 6 ITM students (maximum) have begun the track with 2D foundations.

2013 Graduate advisor: M. Smith, K. Melchiorri

2012 Graduate advisor: M. Duarte, J. Barfield, S. Martin

2012 Chair's ad hoc department web site committee : Collaboration with staff and faculty to revise the department web site.

2012Special studies advisor: J. Hall, computer science with media concentration, teamed with A. Jonovski, BFA design thesis to design a mobile app called Traks to encourage school children to collaborate to be active and social as a means to mitigate obesity. This the first mobile app project to be featured in the Snite Museum BFA show. A. Jonovski won the Emile Jaques Silver Medal of Fine Arts.

2011 Sakai course management system boot camp. Early adopter and evaluator, Notre Dame.

2011 Assessment and plan for temporary design program space. Contributor, Notre Dame.

2011Special studies advisor: J. Ro. Special studies project selected for display in the Isis Gallery BA Exhibition and received Fr. Anthony J. Lauck Award for Design

2011Graduate advisor: M. Duarte, M. Smith, M. Bean

2010–2013 Unisource Annual Report Show, Chicago. Assist with student field trip.

2011–2012 Annual department bus trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. Co-organizer with Prof. Lahr.

2010 Graduate advisor: C. Lux, J. Shin

2010 UC Design Students Team with Duke to Create Innovative Solutions for Rwanda. In cooperation with Duke University, UC design students are creating graphics that explain how to maintain and repair medical equipment currently in use in Rwanda. Residents and workers in the African nation may eventually use these graphics in order to provide better health care and create jobs.

2010 BS advisor: supervise project for European travel grant D. Seemann (University of Cincinnati)

2009 & 2010 UC Students Redesign the Museum Experience for the 21st Century. First ever unification of digital and graphic design seniors working to discover and improve outreach and communication strategies for the Cincinnati Art Museum.

2008 Interactive & Motion Retrospective. Transformed a computer lab into a motion and interactive design installation for the department’s 40th anniversary celebration and open house. Collected and organized student project work to dance, play and delight alumni on over forty screens and two projectors. Ohio State.

2005–2007 Senior thesis advisor. Assisted senior visual communications student with thesis projects particularly those with projects with multimedia components. Ohio State.

2003–2004 Dean’s Student Advisory Committee. Served as one of two members representing graduate students to offer the dean perspective on issues concerning the College of the Arts. Ohio State.

2004 Chairperson’s Technology Committee. Met with the chairperson and other students and discuss strategies for the future technology infrastructure to be offered by the department. Ohio State.

15 continuing education

2012iBooks Training. Workshop is intended to assist faculty with e-book publication and on-line course publishing. Apple Headquarters, Cupertino, CA

2011 Breaking Through the Barriers to Writing Articles and Proposals. Workshop is intended for junior faculty members beginning their writing career. Notre Dame, IN

2011UXMasterclass Chicago. Opportunity to engage with user experience community pioneers and global practitioners to gain insight into research, testing and design methodologies. Chicago, IL

2011 How to Teach Film and Screen Culture Across the Humanities. Course is intended for Notre Dame faculty who would like to use film and other forms of visual media in their courses. Prof. Collins, Notre Dame.

2011 Presenting Data and Information with Edward Tufte. One-day course. Chicago, IL